A guide of Montreal breweries

Montreal offers a world-class beer scene with more than 20 craft breweries scattered around the city. While big brew companies can be found anywhere and everywhere, craft beer can be a little harder to find, especially if you are looking for small breweries that you can only find in one city. These microbreweries have an eclectic selection of beers, the brewers are knowledgeable, creative but above all, passionate about beer. I took on the hard labour of tasting some of the best breweries in Montreal and compile it into this hand-picked guide. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did tasting all these beers for you! Get ready to sip and hop around.

Brasserie Harricana

This chic tavern vibe has white tile floors, wooden ceiling and homey accents and hockey memorabilia. The brewery was designed to have a small town tavern feeling. They have between 15 and 20 beers and are known for their sour beer and beers aged in oak barrels. Their beer menu changes rapidly and they are constantly creating new recipes. We tasted a raspberry sour and a white beer with Amos (a town in Quebec) pepper that was delicate with a hint of spice. On the other lines, they always have one Quebec Cider, sparkling water, and craft hard liquor.

They classified the beers into colour label categories, white, black, pink and green. Each category has a different beer style, the white label has classic style beers, the black label has special ingredients or different techniques, the pink label has all the aged beer and the green label is are they special edition and small batches. For example, the sour beer is in the black category. All beers are served in different temperatures and with different carbonisation. If you are a beer geek, this is the place for you to geek out. The staff is very knowledgeable about beer and think them self as beer sommelier.

The food in the bar is also very good and a lot of the recipes are family recipes from the owner, adding to this welcoming ambiance. The menu changes as often as the beer do. When we visited we took a lobster roll and a burger. They also offer a buffet lunch, perfect to take a break after visiting the city.

Isle de Garde

This Montreal brewery specializes in German style beers. When you taste them you are immediately transported to Germany with their traditional brewing methods that have been perfected from centuries. Lovers of light beers, they also take inspiration of other European brewing methods from the Czech Republic, Belgium and the UK. They thrive to offer the best quality and they also tend to redo recipes to master them to perfection. The brewer does a lot of research on yeast and sees what are all the possibilities that a certain type yeast can offer. Besides perfecting the recipes they also change their selection often.

Isle de garde is also a restaurant with great food. They serve a mix between comfort food and high-end recipes. When we visited, we took a duck tartar with fries. The bar is located in Rosemont, the up and coming Mecca of craft beer neighbourhood in the city.

Boswell Brasserie Artisanale

This artisanal brewery is located at the east end of the Plateau, Boswell offers more than 15 on tap beers. Lovers of change, they are constantly changing their beers and their food menu. They have a small production so their beers don’t last more than 2-4 weeks, this gives them the chance to be very creative.

This neighbourhood bar hosts many events and is part of a lively community. They also display local artists along the walls on the bar. The brewery does interesting and out of the box collaborations. During our visit, we tasted a beer that was made with the renown Crémy doughnuts. The beer was macerated with lemon crullers which resulted in a lemony beer with a sweet aftertaste, delicious!

On the food side, they have a high end comfort food, like vegetable gnocchi and burger. They try as much as possible to use locally sourced ingredients from the province.

4 Origines

Pointe-St-Charles’ first microbrewery is the newcomer to the beer scene in 2018. The brewery located in an old industrial building will make you feel that you are in a tasting room in Vermont. They have an eclectic selection of beers ranging from cappuccino stout, English ale to apricot-tea pale ale. They have a set of 12 brews with half of their selection that stays year-round and the other half constantly rotates and you can also taste their latest innovations.

What’s in a name? The name comes from Montreal’s four main European settlers which are apparent in the city’s flag. It also hints to the 4 main beer's ingredients and other 4 allusions like the 4 cardinal point.

While there is no kitchen, you can bring your own food or order in, they will give you the names of the nearby restaurants. The family vibes are what they are looking for with the long communal tables and their board games. They also are an integral part of the community and like to give back as much as possible. The bar is in south-west borough, on the other side of the Lachine Canal. While getting to the bar, enjoy your walk on the Canal and look for the iconic Five Roses neon style. They also have a nice terrasse to enjoy in the summertime.

L'Espace Public

Located in the Hochelaga neighbourhood, this microbrewery aims to be a place for gathering and of course to enjoy a few beers. They offer a wide selection of beers but their speciality is the sour beer that is easy to drink, simply refreshing, you will be wanting for another one. As the other brew bars, they change their selection constantly so each visit you will be surprised with a new beer.

Their branding revolves around the concept of the pigeons and the city. The pigeon is an urban animal that hangs in gangs, and they are in all public spaces (public space is the translation of Espace Publique). They also display art on their walls and have several live music events.

Since they are in a low-income neighbourhood they keep the prices low so that they want to keep them affordable to everyone. They are very involved in the community and like to give back.

Vices & Versa

Located in Little Italy neighbourhood, this bar - not a brewery - specializes in Quebec craft beer. They offer more than 50 beers and they constantly change their selection. This is your chance to taste rare bottles and to taste beers that are from across the province. If you don’t have time to bar hop across the bars in this guide, this is the one-stop brewpub.

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Disclaimer: All the Montreal breweries named in this guide contributed to the article A big thank you! All opinions are my own.


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