Discover Montreal like a local. 


Welcome to Montreal, Bienvenue à Montréal! The bilingual city is the perfect mix between a charming western European city and a modern North American city. Between great food, beautiful views and over 30 festivals year-round, the city offers plenty of activities to do in winter as well as during summer. The metropolis never ceases to marvel locals and visitors alike.

Here is a quick intro about the city: Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada (after Toronto) and the biggest francophone city in the Americas. Montreal is an island in the middle of the St-Laurent River and situated in the province of Quebec, the only 100% francophone province in Canada.

Since I’m a full-time 9to5er, I will be writing about Montreal, my hometown, when I’m not travelling. Through #BRBinMontreal, I take you through my favourite neighbourhoods, where to eat the famous bagels and bike paths that will take you off the beaten path. Explore parks that are not Mount Royal and see the great murals and graffiti that embellish our streets. Through this series, you will explore Montreal like a local!


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