Best Places in Montreal - According to locals

When traveling to new places, I always try to find recommendations from locals as they tend to lead to more genuine experiences. So, I’ve asked other Montreal bloggers to see what are their favourite places! This way, you can also find these hidden gems that only locals know!

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Annie from She’s a Leo recommends Fabergé Restaurant

One of my favorite places in Montreal is the fabulous Fabergé Restaurant, an adorable hole-in-wall nestled deep in the heart of the historic Mile-End district. The eatery takes its name after the famous royal egg of Fabergé, a jeweled egg created by the House of Fabergé all the way in St-Petersburg and has strategically placed reminders of its origins in the stylish interior.

The place is always packed so don’t let the outside queue change your mind although it’s good to arrive before or after the 1pm rush to not salivate from the delicious smells for too long.

Once you’re seated and perusing the menu, please do me a favor and order a dish containing their crispy yet tender and melt-in-the-mouth potatoes - they alone are worth the wait and the best you will find in Montreal. Trust me on this you won’t be disappointed!

If you’re not a savory person and insist on ordering from the sweet side, their Banana and Peanut Butter French Toast will be sure to give you a sugar-rush and satisfy your cravings for a little while. Then you’ll want to recreate this level of deliciousness and you’ll keep trying to match it elsewhere always ending up frustrated and returning to Faberge. Not that this has happened to me or anything ;)

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faberge - Best places in Montreal according to locals

Tristan from Get Old Stay Young recommends the boardwalk in Ste Anne de Bellevue

Though there are so many sights and interesting, charming places in Montreal one of my favourites is the boardwalk in Ste Anne de Bellevue. At the very tip of the island, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, summer on the boardwalk is an eclectic mix of energy and serenity. Boats line the docks waiting their turn to go through the locks, with people barbecuing on board and music coming from the restaurants. Families and couples stroll along, enjoying the late afternoon sun and eating their ice cream. Taking in a meal or drink on a terrasse offers soothing respite from the summer heat as you bask in the breeze from the water. The mix of smells emanating from the restaurants is enough to instantly make your mouth water. This is where I grew up, running along the boardwalk and pier with my friends, trying to get into the bars underage and smoking cigarettes on the pier far from the prying eyes of our parents. The boardwalk is a busy tourist area in the summer, hundreds if not thousands of people taking in the small town where it’s situated. But to me it will always be home.

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Saint-Anne de Bellevue - Best places in Montreal according to locals

Sarah from Red lips talk recommends the 4e Mur cocktail bar

If you're ever in Montreal, don’t miss the chance to visit the 4e Mur bar. It's one of the city's premier cocktail bars and one of my favorite places for a date night or a night out with the girls.

Once you find the entrance to this speakeasy-themed bar (hidden behind a secret wall), you will be immersed in a mysterious atmosphere reminiscent of the 1930s prohibition era. The cocktail menu is a combination of highly original and delicious drinks invented and prepared by the bar's owner-mixologists. The selection of drinks is unique and each one is presented as a clue to solve a murder mystery.

Best of all, for those who enjoy a live show, you can indulge in one of the many performances 4e Mur organizes throughout the week. You can stop by for piano Tuesday, burlesque Wednesday or a live jazz band on Thursday.

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4e Mur- Best places in Montreal according to locals

Andrea from capsule suitcase recommends the Atwater market

Montreal has so many beautiful and scenic spots but what makes this city unique is the creative energy and passionate spirit of its residents. That's why my favourite place is the Atwater Market, nestled in the residential St-Henri neighbourhood along the Lachine Canal. In the summertime, the market is full of gourmet foods, fresh products, and beautiful flowers lovingly presented by local vendors. It's also a great place to relax. I suggest renting a bike and going for a ride along the water before breaking for a snack purchased at one of the delicious pop-up restaurants. If you're visiting in the winter, it's worth a detour for the smell of the Christmas trees alone.

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Atwater market - Best places in Montreal according to locals

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