Portrait of Melanie Schaffer and a Polaroid camera with an orange graffiti as a backdrop. Image used in the about me page for her travel blog, BRB

I'm Mel! 

A little about me

I'm part-time traveller and a full-time 9to5er; I'm a production manager at a 3D animation studio. I don't believe that you need to quit your job to travel the world. You can discover it one vacation at a time. 

BRB Travel Blog is my cure to my serious case of wanderlust. It created for those that only have a few weeks of vacations per year, like me, and daydream about their next destination for summer holidays or about their next weekend getaway. Traveler, I got you covered with my Itineraries that fit your annual 2 week vacation!

At the age of 3, I took my first plane and since then, I have visited more than a dozen countries. I lived in North & South America as well as in Europe. I’m fully fluent in Spanish, in French and in English. All these experiences allow me to have a unique perspective of the world. 

I do most of my travels with my husband Jeremy and we are currently living in the most interesting city in the world, Montreal.


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