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Why you need to do L’Afternoon Tea Bus Tour in London
How to visit Rome in one day
How to plan your trip to the German Christmas Markets
How to plan the perfect road trip in Slovenia

Read on how to plan the perfect Road trip in Slovenia and how to make this a 10-day itinerary in Slovenia. Together, we will discover foodie, cultural and nature stops!

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Flamingo watching in the Po Delta Park
Things to do in Bled
Food tour in Ljubljana - a review of Bitemojo
The only Bologna itinerary you need!

Locked between Florence to the south and Venice and Milan to the north, the medieval city of Bologna often gets overlooked by many travellers. Here is what makes Bologna so special and why you need to stop in this city the next time you are travelling to Europe!

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Explore the Slovenia wine region

The Brda region has built up a reputation for doing some of the finest wines in the country. This guide will give the complete insights of where to eat and drink in the Slovenia wine region. 

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Art Hotel Tartini - The best hotel in Piran
2 nature day trips from Ljubljana

Velika Planina and the Arboretum will make you discover another aspect of beautiful Slovenia: nature at its best. Here are two nature day trips from Ljubljana.

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The ultimate Ljubljana itinerary

You must be wondering then: what to do to enjoy Ljubljana at its fullest in only one or 2 days? My Ljubljana itinerary article will guide your journey through your new favourite city!

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber: Where paths cross
What to eat at the Nuremberg Christmas Market ?

Nuremberg Christmas Market is one of the biggest festive markets in Europe. Located in the heart of the old walled town has a magical atmosphere that is shared by all. Here is your foodie guide to the market!

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Brussels Beer and Chocolate Tour
How to avoid tourists in Greece
How to plan the perfect road trip in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an eastern European country that is heavily overlook by many. In search of what the country has to offer, we embarked in a 10-day road trip through the four corners of the country. This article takes you through Sofia, the Rila monastery, Seven Rila Lakes, Plovdiv, the Black Sea coast, and much more! I also share some valuable tips! So get read to embark on this new adventure!

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Things to do in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is the hipster city of Bulgaria. The minute you arrive in Plovdiv, you can feel the laid-back atmosphere. Here is a guide of the top things to do in Plovdiv, see, eat and drink in the city and its surroundings.

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Explore Sofia in 2 days

Here the best travel guide for Sofia, the youthful and eclectic capital city of Bulgaria. Here you will find the perfect itinerary to explore the city in 2 days!

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What to do in an 8-hour layover in London?

Are you in London only for a long layover? And you still want to visit the city, but you are unsure how to do it and what to do with your luggage? Here is how to do it!

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