How to visit Rome in one day

Rome, the eternal city, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, or dare I say the world? You could spend a lifetime visiting this city and discover something new every day. So how do you pack all of those must-see places, museums or activities into one, only one day?

Here are a few ideas on how to spend your only day in Rome. Whether you have a long layover or you only have a few hours to spare after a conference or after your business meeting that you travelled for, these tips and ideas as for you!

These ideas could be perfect either first-timers in the eternal city or for seasoned travellers to the capital. After our visit to Bologna, we had to take the plane back home so we were in the city for only 8 short hours.

The Colosseum. How to visit Rome in one day

4 Tips for your one day in Rome

  1. The best tip I could give you will be to plan your day in advance! Whether you want to pack it with as many must-see sites as possible or you want to spend your day marvelling in one of the museums or you just want to eat your way out of the city. You have to choose what you want to do, you will not want to waste time deciding.

  2. When choosing your activity keep in mind the transportation time and the closeness of each site. If you are in a long layover, you need to count around 40min of transportation each way. So this is around 1hour 30min of transportation that you need to consider.

  3. Another great tip is that you need to keep in mind that Rome has A LOT of tourists and that you need to take this factor into consideration since there will be lots of queuing everywhere. At peak times, you could wait in line for more than 1 hour. So if the attraction that you chose has a huge line up it might be a good idea to have a plan b.

  4. If you are in Rome for a layover, you need to remember that if you leave the airport, you will have to go through security and customs (if you are an international traveller) so be sure to leave at least 1 hour to do all of this process. Also remember that you need to be on time for your next connecting flight, so at least 1 hour before your boarding time.

Tours, passes and bus

If you want to skip the lines and visit many places, you can buy a skip the line pass, the Rome tourist pass. This card might be expensive but it includes the entrance fee to the majority of the main attractions and you will save tons of times!

Rome is a city with a lot of history and doing a walking tour can be a good way to learn the past of the city. To take the most of history, you can take a sightseeing bus or a walking tour, a food tour or any other type of tour that you prefer. The bus and tours might be a good option since you will not have to worry too much about timing since they also have a tight schedule. With these, the only thing that you will have to worry will be arriving at the meeting point on time. Also, keep in mind that tours are sometimes slower so count some extra time in your schedule.

Altare della Patria. How to visit Rome in one day

DIY tour

Since the hubby and I have already been to Rome, we decided to do a quick tour of the main places.

We started at the Colosseum, we passed by the Altare della Patria, the Trevi Fountain, then the Vatican city. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to inside any of the sites but it was nice to just wander around the city. Of course, we took the time to eat one last meal in Italy and a delicious gelato.

Another great itinerary could be to do the Vatican museums, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. All of these are within 5 or 10min walking or by public transit. Or you can just focus on the Coliseum and the Roman forum if ancient Rome is your main interest. Or if churches or the Renaissance period are your things then you need to visit Visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the masterpiece by Michelangelo and Palazzo Doria Pamphilj.

If you just have time at the end of the day, you can do these site as they are all well illuminated. The Trevi fountains looks beautifully at night. Or I would recommend going to Trastevere, a call neighbourhood filled with bohemian vibes, this will be perfect to have supper or enjoy a drink. Trastevere is charming with its cobblestones streets and plenty of boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Looking for more ideas? Use this “Interactive Walking Map of Rome”.

Ancient Rome. One day in Rome

Getting in and out of the city

There are 2 major international airports, Rome Fiumicino (FCO) and Rome Ciampino (CIA). From FCO, the easiest way to get to the city from the airport is by train you can either take the Leonardo Express (€14) or the local train services (FL1).  I would recommend taking the express since you will get to the city faster and you can maximize your time.

Got luggage?

This section only applies if you have luggage with you, after all, you don’t want to carry your luggage in the most crowded city by tourists. There are luggage storage in the train station Termini, in the airport and in other locations around the city. There are several companies that specialized in luggage storage like luggage Hero, Nanny bag, BagBnB, Stasher, among others. I did not use these storage so I cannot recommend them personally.

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