Take a break! 12 travel ideas to explore during your 15-minute break at work

Is anyone else tired of looking at their Facebook news feed during their break at work? Do you ever feel like this is a pure waste of time even though it feels great to unplug your mind from work? Why not use those 15-minute breaks or your downtime at the office to fuel your wanderlust?  Here are 11 travel and vacation ideas to put your office break to good use! 

1. Improve your language skills

  • Are you traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language? Take this time to learn some keywords like “Hi, Thank you, Where are the washrooms?” You can either download an app, find an online class or a coworker that speaks that language. Go practice with them. Improving your language skill will not only make your time there easier but it will make it easier to talk to locals and unlock those secret gems that only them know.

2. find those deals!

  • Whether you are looking for that amazing deal for your next vacation for a specific place or you are just wondering which destination is the most affordable. I suggest you spend your 15 minutes checking Google Flights or any other flight searcher to check the places and see what destination is the most affordable. Sometimes, you can find good deals on a new potential destination that will make you want to add it to your bucket list for your next vacations!

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3. Ask around about your future destination

  • Ask your colleagues if they have already visited your next destination. There is a big chance that they will give you great recommendations.

4. There is an app for that too

  • Download an app about your future destination. A lot of European cities have an app, for example. These apps will allow you to discover what your next favourite city has to offer by giving you special offers on activities and on explaining the history of the city. Go browse your app store now!

5. Plan your trip

  • Plan your trip 15 min at a time! Travel planning can be incredibly time consuming, especially if you are an itinerary freak like myself, but it does not have to be. Use your 15 min breaks to choose your accommodations or to pick a restaurant for one night. Another suggestion is to select a food tour, these are great to experience all the flavours that your destination has to offer.

6. Get ready to leave

  • You've already booked everything and you are leaving in the next few weeks? Why not starting writing your to-do email so your colleagues can cover up for you while you are enjoying your time off.

7. Go through your unread bookmarked pages

  • Did you have a ton of blogs or articles about your next trip that you have bookmarked and you haven’t read yet? I know I’m guilt of it, use this time to read them!

8. Travel inspiration

  • Spend some time on Pinterest. This platform is great for travel as it is full of travel bloggers. Create a board and pin images from articles of your future journey. Beyond finding inspiration, Pinterest is a great tool to help you choose a destination. It offers tips on how to avoid travel mishaps, finding activities, places to stay and restaurant recommendations, all in one place.

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9. Create your goals

  • Are you the type of person that needs written goals in front of your eyes? Why don’t make it your desktop background? Find a country or attraction that you would love to visit and write a date. For example, German Christmas Markets 2019. This will give you some motivation!

10. Get lost into travel photos

  • Browse travel magazines as well as blogs and get lost in the other side of the world for a few minutes.

11. Plan your finances and create a travel budget

  • Put money aside for your trip! Use your 15-minute break at work to dive into your online banking session. Reorganize your accounts by creating a separate savings account and start saving money. This will help you accumulate some serious money that will be used during your adventure. You can even set up an automatic savings deposit directly into your dedicated savings account.

  • Create a travel budget! This is very important if you do not want to overspend during your trip. Look for the activities you want to do during your trip and put a price on each of them. It will also help you reach your savings goal

12. Go out of the office

  • Go outside and take a walk, enjoy what your city has to offer.

  • Go for a coffee or a bite and bring some for your team as well! You will get some serious extra points here! Ok, the last 2 are not 100% travel related but, it’s good to get out of the office at least once a day.

Do you have other tips? If so, add it in the comments!

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