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How does travel help you with your job?
5 simple tips to create a savings action plan for your next vacation
14 tips to stay safe in a private tour
12 Things to do at work before going on vacation [+ Printable checklist]

Before packing and getting ready to go and enjoy your days off, you need to do a few things in the office before leaving. Grab your pen and a calendar; you will need to add some dates. Here are the 12 things to do at work before leaving on vacation!

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Take a break! 12 travel ideas to explore during your 15-minute break at work
10 tips on how to travel while having a full-time job
How to plan the perfect road trip in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an eastern European country that is heavily overlook by many. In search of what the country has to offer, we embarked in a 10-day road trip through the four corners of the country. This article takes you through Sofia, the Rila monastery, Seven Rila Lakes, Plovdiv, the Black Sea coast, and much more! I also share some valuable tips! So get read to embark on this new adventure!

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What to do in an 8-hour layover in London?

Are you in London only for a long layover? And you still want to visit the city, but you are unsure how to do it and what to do with your luggage? Here is how to do it!

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