Ljubljana Castle Restaurant - a review of the Strelec

For the hubby 30th birthday, we celebrated in a grandiose way, by having dinner in a castle! I have to admit that I’m a little jealous, now I need to find something way cooler than that when I will enter into my new decade next year. 

Ljubljana Castle is one of the Slovenian capital main attractions. The 15th-century medieval construction is now a museum, a venue and holds different restaurants. The Strelec (archer in Slovenian) restaurant is located in the archer’s tower and offers spectacular panoramic views of the city.

Our dining experience at the Strelec restaurant

The Decor

The inside of the restaurant has a modern flare decoration. The walls are covered with medieval-style drawings depicting legends and tales from the Slovenian folklore. These renovated paintings date after WWII and were painted using the Sgraffito technique which consists of scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting colour. The tower was closed for almost 30 years for renovations.

During summer months, you can choose to eat outside on the terrace or inside. Since it was raining, we decided to eat by the window in the circular tower.

The Menu

Igor Jagodic is the chef of the restaurant. The highly awarded chef is one of the top three chefs in Slovenia (the first is Anna Roš, from the Netflix documentary series, Chef’s Table). To pay homage to the castle and its historical references, the menu was made in collaboration with ethnologists Dr Janez Bogataj and Ms Jožica Drobnič. The list of dishes is at the crossroads of past and present; cuisine of the Alps, Pannonia and the Adriatic with subtle French influences. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced and are from Ljubljana’s central market. The restaurant also offers an exceptional list of Slovenian wines, carefully selected by the restaurant sommelier.

Tasting Menu

The restaurant offers different tasting menus: 3 dishes (only served at lunch), 4-course meal, 5,7 & 9 dinner services. To celebrate the occasion, we took the 4 service which costs 44 Euros. In total, we had 6 plates as we had a complimentary hors-d'oeuvre and dessert, for the same price. The plates were of a good size leaving you wanting to discover the next dish. We found that the price was extremely reasonable for the refinement of the cuisine. After doing some extremely pricey Michelin star restaurant and sometimes being a little disappointed, we felt that this restaurant was above the price and all expectations.

The plates that wowed us were our first hors d'oeuvre which was trout mousse with trout caviar and trout fillet with herbal oil. One of the main course was a delicious plate of beef slices with Jerusalem artichoke, champagne vinegar to name a few of the ingredients. This is the only plate that you can choose from the tasting menu. There was a choice between beef and fish. The dessert was a combination of olive oil with lemon, figs, cream, hazelnut and vanilla ice cream, a real treat.

Upon our arrival, the staff greeted us with a glass of Slovenian sparkling wine. To complement our dinner, we chose a white Slovenian wine from the Brda region. The server suggested us to go with red wine as the pairing with the beef would have been perfect. However, the day had been so hot and humid that we felt that the white wine would be more refreshing.

For us, Restavracija Strelec is the perfect place to celebrate this memorable experience. Even if you are not celebrating a special occasion, having dinner at the restaurant should be a must stop if you are a foodie traveller!

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Disclaimer: We enjoyed the experience at the restaurant as guest of the Kaval Group. A big thank you! All opinions are my own


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