Portrait of Melanie Schaffer and a Polaroid camera with an orange graffiti as a backdrop. Image used in the about me page for her travel blog, BRB

Hi, I'm Mel! 

BRB (Be Right Back) Travel Blog is for the wannabe nomads, for those who want to explore the world but have full-time jobs and real-life responsibilities, like paying rent and being stuck in the daily commute to work.

For those who only have a few weeks of vacations per year, like me, and daydream about their next destination for summer holidays or about their next weekend getaway. This blog is for those that wonder where to eat or where to grab a drink in Tokyo or in Vermont. For those that are looking where to take their next 2-week vacation or weekend getaway. BRB also gives you the tools and tips on how to travel while having a full-time job. Traveller, I got you covered!

With BRB, I’m helping you bring travel into your cubicle and inspire you to take those vacation days.

A little about me

I'm a part-time traveller and a full-time 9to5er. I'm a production manager at a 3D animation studio (yes, watching cartoons is part of my job description). I'm a complete planning freak (good thing that planning production schedules is my day to day job!) I'm also a chocoholic, and I love a good craft beer as well as wine. Every vacation that I take is carefully planned. I choose every activity, restaurant and bar so I can plan the perfect itinerary. With BRB, I share with you my tips and tricks so you can enjoy the best vacation as I did.

At the age of 3, I took my first plane and since then, I have visited more than twenty countries. Originally from Venezuela, I've also lived in France and I'm currently living in the most interesting city in the world, Montreal. All these experiences allow me to have a unique perspective of the world. 

I do most of my travels with my husband Jeremy, which you will occasionally see in photos. Since I don't have a driving license, he is the one that does all the driving around. He is also a silent contributor to the blog. 

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